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the evo colour portfolio is backed by colourist-created tools that are functional, easy on the eye and designed to make life easier in salon.


tint brush

soft, feather tipped bristles provide precise application for any colour… small enough to wrangle, wide enough to get the job done.



colour bowl

ample space and sturdy base provide optimum colour mixing conditions… it’s hip to be square.




a firm locking mechanism, rubber seal and both imperial/metric graduations make this a great professional tool.



electronic scale

the sleek, compact design occupies minimal work space and the easy touch buttons allow for easy cleaning.




a durable plastic body and metal mechanics provide for lasting time measurement without the need for batteries.


paint board 

a solid base for complete colour creativity… smooth on one side, textured on the other, it’s everything you could ever need.



colour whisk

lightweight, balanced and easy to handle for precise and super-smooth colour mixing… the ever dependable for whisking of the vigorous kind.


applicator bottle

achieve precise, even and easy application for liquid of any kind… limber to the touch, light in the hand.



spray bottle

with a matte finish, grooved edges and an even spray, this handy little tool is ready to give some good old h2o.

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