fundamental courses

mix and match to choose your own adventure. these looks have been designed for anyone and everyone, making teaching cutting or styling, males or females (or all of the above) a breeze. your adventure awaits.

knowledge master

evo product knowledge

  • understanding of the evo ethos
  • deep understanding of every product
  • understanding how to mix products for your specific needs by blending and layering
  • how to use product to build your business

perfect match

fundamental styling

  • cocktail, blend and layer product to create unique finishes
  • learn how to elevate your shape using product
  • gain confidence in product application and everyday styling
  • learn styling tips and tricks

way to the chop

fundamental cutting

  • learn how to use the same cutting technique on anyone and everyone
  • style, dress and finish your haircut in multiple ways
  • understand how styling techniques can change your shape
  • build confidence in modern graduation
  • master curl patterns
  • learn to tailor the shape to the individual
  • choose your learning path

sir mix-a-lot

fab pro + staino product knowledge

  • full understanding of fab pro system, including staino
  • how to formulate customised retail and in-salon services
  • correct application and timing
  • how to implement new services into the salon

colour code 2.0

progressive direct dye colouring

  • master fab pro + staino palettes
  • full understanding of direct dye colour technology, including fab pro and staino pigment load and results
  • master the art of take-home colour maintenance
  • maximise use of the direct dye palette
  • gain confidence in direct dye removal
  • learn in-salon colour techniques

base coat

hue-verse foundation colouring

  • full overview of hue-verse and bottle blonde portfolios
  • colour theory fundamentals including; our colour wheel, undertones, types of colour and colouring process
  • master colour formulation including; correct shade selection, white hair coverage and correct developer usage

not for the paint hearted

hue-verse progressive colouring


gain confidence in progressive colour theory including;                 

  • texture and porosity consideration
  • conquering resistant hair types
  • using mix tones to perfect end results
  • corrective colouring
  • filling
  • lightening processes
  • correct colour removal

let there be light

contemporary lightening

  • full overview of the bottle blonde portfolio
  • gain confidence in the lightening process
  • learn correct developer and product choice
  • master multiple contemporary lightening techniques



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