creative courses

push beyond the boundaries as you journey into the realms of endless possibilities. creative education builds on the core principles established in fundamental education as you learn to enhance your skills to meet every single need. let this be your source of inspiration as you set the stage for creative mastery.

take shape

creative styling

  • product choice, application and combos to enhance and elevate shape
  • hair prep to guarantee longevity of shape
  • shape construction and foundations
  • techniques for brushing out and finishing
  • learn to create effortless softness
  • horizontal waves using multiple tools for varied looks
  • scalp and tunnel braids
  • sleek ponytails
  • textured buns
  • style suitability for face shapes

cut both ways

creative cutting

  • creative cutting to suit a variety of hair types and textures
  • commercial techniques that can be adapted to all clients
  • directional layering; graduation, disconnection, texturisation
  • gain confidence in choosing the right shape for hair type and face shape
  • personalise your cut to enhance styling
  • improve shape definition through styling for longer and/or stronger hold
  • correct product choice, application and combos to elevate shape

do or dye

creative colour – high impact

  • high impact colouring
  • techniques suitable for bottle blonde, staino and hue-verse
  • master colour placement, both light and dark, to add contrast within a haircut
  • learn to colour against natural fall to enhance blending
  • how to create high impact root glow
  • precision foil work
  • correct product formulation

you know hue

creative colour – dimensional

  • dimensional colouring
  • working with contrasting tones
  • colour blocking
  • create precision blends with symmetry
  • colouring in natural fall
  • techniques for soft, multidimensional results without balayage or freehand
  • master hue-verse product formulation



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