creative courses

adventure doesn’t end here. let us take you on a journey to places far and wide… places where the options are endless, and boundaries don’t exist… where imagination flows freely, and creativity knows no bounds.

hair we go again 2.0

creative styling

  • product choice, application and cocktails to enhance and elevate shape
  • hot tool and blow-dry techniques
  • hair prep to guarantee your shape
  • shape construction and foundations
  • editorial tips, tricks, touches and finishes
  • braiding techniques and braid manipulation
  • padding to create height and width
  • finger waves and wet looks
  • sewing to transform and change your shape
  • incorporating fabrics, materials and or hair pieces

a cut above 2.0

creative cutting

  • master creative cutting shapes to suit each and every hair type
  • directional layering; graduation, disconnection, texturisation
  • mix shapes together to create something unique
  • gain confidence in choosing the right shape and personalising your cut
  • learn to cut your styling in and style over the top for stronger and longer hold
  • shaped definition through styling
  • learn how to cut different hair textures

throwing shades 2.0

creative colouring

  • learn the power of ‘convertible colour’ to showcase versatility and get multiple looks from one technique
  • get more ‘content opportunities’ with techniques that can be worn in multiple ways
  • master foil placement for maximum impact with minimal work
  • gain confidence in colour blocking placement for modern colour results
  • learn the power and tone capabilities of hue-verse demi-permanent gloss
  • experience a unique and intricate colour placement technique that gives endless styling possibilities

get lit 2.0

creative lightening

  • learn modern blonding techniques for extra bright results in minimal time
  • gain confidence in the power of lightener placement for the greatest impact
  • develop your artistic eye for enhancing textured hair with placement of colour
  • use two contemporary formulas to tone global lightener in a modern, dimensional way
  • understand the benefits of playing with light and shade in hair colour
  • learn how to create impact with shadows
  • gain confidence in utilising hue-verse demi-permanent gloss for beautiful bright blondes



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