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evo staino is a professional colour palette of 10 super-bright, intense direct dyes and a clear, that's fully intermixable for customised, long-lasting colour and shine.

what is staino?

a colour palette of 10 super-bright, intense direct dyes plus a clear for in-salon colour services. staino is fully intermixable for endless intense shades (and pastels) that last up to 50 washes, fade true-to-tone and can be maintained with a customised colour maintenance conditioner.

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with fab pro, you can perfectly match and maintain your client’s staino colour in-between salon visits. simply add staino to a fab pro conditioner base to create an intense customised colour maintenance conditioner… voilà.


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how to use

1-preparation.png1. preparation

identify the level, tone and length of hair. shampoo hair, towel-dry hair evenly and detangle with a comb.

2-mixing.png2. mixing

staino intense direct dyes may be used individually or mixed together to create customised formulas.

3-application-.png3. application

wear gloves and avoid skin then apply staino section-by-section, making sure to fully saturate the hair.

4-timing.png4. timing

develop for 20–30 minutes depending on desired intensity.

5-removal.png5. removal

rinse with cool water, until it runs clear.

it’s time to leave your mark

staino has the hues to kickstart your creativity. 10 super-intense dyes to unlock unlimited colours and possibilities. from head-turning brights to vivid pastels and everything in-between. we’ve given you the tools.

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