farewell to the definitions, filters, and limits. the time is now. let’s celebrate the whoever, whatever, whenever. praise the personality, embrace the individuality, rejoice in the good times and good hair. woes not included.

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a long windinG road of truth, beauty and justice. a path forged to save people from the serious. to believe a little less of the big brand baloney. to celebrate beauty in abundance.


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skii doesn’t subscribe to classifications. she’s without genre, without rules. songwriter, pianist, lyricist, really a storyteller for the soul.

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the young, the free, the bold, the beautiful. a vision, yes, but there’s more to mason. he’s mountains through and through.

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stylist, dj, introvert. asia has something everyone will like. a natural pleaser of the people, she’s destined to get you up, up, up.

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everybody needs a milo. performer, entertainer, inclusion and diversity advocate, she does the good work, the work that raises the joy.

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from small to big, fields to foundations, zoe is in full bloom. it was once about sparse spaces with no agendas, now it’s about bright lights full of promise.

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a dreamer, a learner, a creative. a bit of you, a bit of me. blake walks to the beat, a path of their own kind.

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happiness is natalie. traveller, actor, creator, natalie dares to dream big. if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. limits don’t concern her.

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she’s full of it. authenticity is maddison’s language. she’s not coming to the party dressed as someone else. nobody likes an imposter after all.

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