product combo videos

what’s better than one evo product? two, three or four… hit play on the videos below for the 411 from creative director nicole kae on how to create some of our most epic combinations.

liquid rollers + casual act

want to create control, definition and shine while amping up the texture? with this combo, you can.

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root canal + icon welder

if dry styling is your jam, layering root canal and icon welder is for you. hit play to find out why.

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gangsta grip + happy campers

this epic duo will help you create a hydrated wet look with epic hold.

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happy campers + whip it good + total recoil + macgyver + shebang-a-bang

four products, two different styling techniques… the result? soft defined curls with a cool grimey shine.

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lockdown + easy tiger

nicole explains how to smoooooth hair all over with this ultimate frizz-fighting duo.

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salty dog + cassius + love perpetua

here’s how to combine salty dog, cassius and love perpetua for a classic pushback with retro vibes.

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whip it good + haze

blend these two together and discover why this combo is one of nicole’s faves.

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