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plait it up

  • 1start with dry hair and create a haphazard centre parting from the front hairline to the nape.
  • 2split hair in two, tie each side into low ponytails at the nape and secure with elastics.
  • 3create a fishtail braid in one ponytail and secure with an elastic half way down. split remaining ponytail in two and continue fishtail braid in one section, leaving ends unsecured.
  • 4in the second ponytail, create two different braids, leaving ends unsecured.
  • 5apply haze to the braids and pull the braids apart to desired softness using finger tips.
  • 6cut the elastic at the nape and pull the top of the braids apart to blend.
  • 7using finger tips, massage crop strutters to the ends of the braids for an undone finish.
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