holiday hair care 101: how to look after your hair on vacation

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is there anything better than jetting off on a seaside vacay? (it’s a rhetorical question – no need to answer that one.) there’s nothing like a few days of sea, salt and sand to help reset your stress-levels and calm the mind… and y’know, help you forget that your boss scheduled your annual review for the day you return to the office.

trouble is… our hair doesn’t feel the same way. all that salty, chlorinated water can turn a hydrated, lustrous mane into straw-like frizz within a couple of sun-soaked days.

the solution? travel with a stash of the right hair care products to ensure your strands don’t come down with a case of the post-holiday blues.

before you jet-off… do the prep work

if you know there’s a vacation on the horizon, why not prep your hair beforehand to ensure you step off the plane with a mane so shiny, you could almost use it as a mirror.

use the great hydrator moisture mask (to deeply hydrate, strengthen and add shine) or mane attention protein treatment (to repair and treat damaged hair) the night before you jet-off to restore your mane to its full hair glory.



how to pack hair products in your carry on

wondering how to pack hair products for travel when you’re about to board a flight? restrictions and limitations on liquids in carry-on luggage vary depending on whether you’re travelling interstate or abroad.

booked on an international flight? you'll want to limit your toiletries to containers of 100ml or less. products must be carried together in a transparent, resealable plastic bag with the bag’s sealed area adding up to no more than 80cm.

in practical terms, that means you’ll need to invest in a mini (or two or three) if you want to style your strands mid-flight.

your travel-friendly hair care routine

let’s get down to the nitty gritty… here’s exactly how to pack hair products for travel and how to look after your hair on holiday.

truth is, your holiday hair care routine shouldn’t vary too much from your at-home one… however, you may want to lean more on multi-tasking products and travel-sized minis to streamline your routine and ensure you stay within your luggage weight restrictions.

cleanse and condition

don’t skip wash day when you’re on the road… this is when your hair needs it the most. despite the new environment, your usual shampoo and conditioner should do the trick.

need a little more nourishment than usual? opt for the travel-sized version of ritual salvation repairing shampoo and conditioner to help strengthen and moisturise hair while reducing breakage.

treat, protect and style

we know, we know… you want to know how to pack hair products in your carry-on so you can leave as much room as possible in your suitcase for any potential purchases.

this is where multi-tasking products come into a league of their own; they were built to help streamline your routine and free up space in moments like these. bonus points if the formula provides conditioning, heat protection and styling benefits.

some of our faves include:

happy campers wearable treatment: a lightweight daily styling treatment to moisturise, strengthen and protect, while adding style support.

easy tiger smoothing balm: a blow-drying cream that smooths, reduces frizz and provides style control while protecting hair against heat damage.

day of grace pre-style primer: a lightweight leave-in primer that prepares hair for styling by detangling and improving condition while protecting against heat and uv damage.

see you later, alligator

so, we guess this is… goodbye? bon voyage. don't forget to shampoo, condition and always use (heat) protection.

the holiday hair line-up

ritual salvation repairing shampoo



ritual salvation repairing conditioner



Happy Campers Wearable Treatment



easy tiger smoothing balm



day of grace pre-style primer



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