how to clean hair brushes and combs

when was the last time you gave alllllll your hair brushes and combs a good ol' clean? you wash your hair every week, so why not create a regular cleaning habit for your brushes? this will help ensure they stay in tip top shape for years to come… plus, y’know, it’s kind of gross not to.

if you’ve been avoiding cleaning your brushes because you’re not sure when or how to get started, keep reading because we have all the answers on how to wash hair brushes, step-by-step.


how to store hair brushes and combs

storing your hair brushes and combs is pretty simple – there’s not a lot you can do wrong. that said, if you take the time to get organised, it’ll make your life a helluva lot easier.

for ease of use, consider adding a storage solution to your bathroom. this could be dividers your drawers or a container that will sit pretty on your bathroom vanity.

for hygiene reasons, ensure your brushes are placed in a well-ventilated spot until they’re completely dry. if your brush is wet (maybe you just washed it?) stashing it away in a sealed container could cause bacteria to multiply. so always give brushes a moment to dry out, okay?

how often should i wash my brushes?

ever wondered: what is the fuzz in my hairbrush? so… turns out, that fuzz is actually a mix of old skin cells, dust, oils and excess styling products. (yuck.)

we recommend washing your brush when you see product build-up. a good rule of thumb? give 'em a wash once a month.

how to wash hair brushes

step 1: remove hair

remove any excess hair using a long-tooth comb or your hands.

step 2: soak the brush

soak the brush, taking care to only soak the bristles, not the wood.

step 3: clean between the bristles

wash with warm soapy water.

step 4: rinse and dry

rinse clean and allow time for drying. speed up the process by blow-drying excess water (if needed). stand to dry with the head of the brush facing down. mission accomplished.

the takeaway

while it might not be the most thrilling of tasks, a monthly wash will help keep your brushes and combs in good condition and keep bacteria at bay.

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