how to create beach waves that last all day

creating beach waves is a simple as spritzing a bit of sea salt spray onto your strands and going along on your merry way, right?

well, not quite.

while it’s not the most complicated hair style to master, there is an art to creating the perfect beach waves at home.

here’s how to get beach waves that are so effortless, you’ll look like you just stepped off the sand in saint tropez.

how to create beach waves

we’ve got good news for your mane… turns out, it is possible to create beach waves with minimal heat. here's a tutorial on how to get beach waves using juuuust a touch of heat.

step one: divide hair into four sections and twirl into buns, leaving a few centimetres out at the ends. secure each bun with an elastic hair tie.

step two: spritz salty dog salt spray all over the hair.

step three: use a hairdryer to give your locks a quick blast for a minute or two.

step four: unravel your buns to reveal a fresh mane of beach waves.

step five: scrunch a touch of head mistress cuticle sealer into your mid-lengths and ends to add softness and shine.

what products do i need to create beach waves?

ready to get salty? you're going to need a few care and styling products up your sleeve.

1. shampoo + conditioner

great beach waves start with clean strands so shampoo and conditioner are a must.

your usual shampoo and conditioner should do the trick. if you’re unsure, read our guide to building a simple hair care routine, where you’ll find the low-down on the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type.

that said, our strands are often under added stress during the warmer months, thanks to harsh uv rays and the drying effects of salty sea water. sound familiar? consider ritual salvation shampoo and conditioner (for added nourishment) or the therapist shampoo and conditioner (for extra hydration).

2. sea salt spray

introducing today’s hair hero: salty dog salt spray. this salt spray gives touchable beachy texture and volume with a natural matte finish. it's the secret to creating natural body and separation.

wondering how to use sea salt spray? more on that in a moment... but long story short, simply spritz into damp hair, twist or scrunch, and you’re ready to go.

3. texture paste

sometimes, beach waves need a little extra oomph – and that’s where the shag beach paste comes in. this texture paste creates beachy texture and volume in all hair types.

4. treatment

if you’re opting for a more polished beach wave look, created using hot tools, you’ll need to add a leave-in treatment to your routine, to moisturise, strengthen and repair damaged hair. opt for happy campers wearable treatment: the over-achieving, do-it-all daily styling formula.

the round-up: best hair products for beach waves

salty dog salt spray



the shag beach paste



happy campers wearable treatment



ritual salvation repairing shampoo



ritual salvation repairing conditioner



the therapist hydrating shampoo



the therapist hydrating conditioner



tips and tricks to nail it every time

you asked, we answered. here's everything you need to know on how to get wavy hair.

heat vs no heat

to use hot tools, or to not use hot tools, that is the question. ultimately, it comes down to two things: the condition of your hair and your desired styling outcome.

styling with heat tools (think: curling wand or hair straightener) gives you more opportunity to control the shape of your curls and smooth-out any frizz. in the video above, a hairdryer speeds up the drying process and gives the style more hold.

on the other hand, going heatless is a great option for anyone who wants to improve the condition of their hair and give it a break from hot tools. however, without heat, you’ll have to embrace and enhance your hair’s natural texture, rather than creating new curls.


is it possible to get waves overnight? aaaabsolutely. simply split your hair into sections and plait or braid your strands before bed. wake up to easy breezy beach waves.

long hair

wondering how to get wavy long hair? the world is your oyster. create beach waves in long hair using the heat or heatless methods outlined above… or opt for the overnight option to style your hair while you snooze. 

short and medium hair

got short or medium length hair? no matter. you should still be able to pull off heat or heatless styles with the right tools and the products outlined above.

tip: the shorter the hair, the smaller the curling barrel size. if your hair is short, opt for a smaller curling wand to create the beachy texture and definition your heart desires.

the bottom line

you don’t need to set aside five hours to style your hair into beach waves. grab yourself a bottle o' salty dog salt spray and the rest will follow.


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