the ultimate routine for frizz-prone hair

hair can appear frizzy for sooooo many reasons. maybe your hair is naturally frizzy... you could be dealing with some hair damage… or perhaps you’re on a deserted tropical island where the humidity has sent your strands into a tizzy.

frizzy hair isn’t a problem that needs to be ‘fixed’, however, if you want to add more definition to your curls or smooth down flyaways, we have plenty of tips and tricks that can help nix the frizz.


why is my hair so frizzy?

before we cut to the chase of how to get rid of frizzy hair and the best frizzy hair products, let’s go back to basics: what causes frizzy hair, anyway?

the numero uno reason for frizzy hair is that your strands are thirsty. when hair is dry, it seeks moisture and zaps it from the air around it, causing the hair’s cuticles to open up and become rough.

if your hair is frizzy, you’ll know about it. just look for locks that have a fluffy and irregular hair texture. for those with naturally curly hair, frizzy sections probably won’t follow your natural hair pattern. if your mane is on the straighter side, frizzy hair will stick out as stiff, straw-like and brittle.

hair can have a frizzy texture for a handful of reasons. (just fyi, your hair could fall into one or more of these categories.) the most common types of frizzy hair include:

1. natural texture

textured waves and curls often come with a degree of frizz. this is because the cuticles may not lie as flat on your naturally bendy strands.

2. humidity

when the air is humid, there’s a whole lotta moisture in the air for your hair to soak up.

3. heat damage

hot tools can strip your hair of its natural moisture if you don’t prep your hair correctly and use a heat protection spray (like, ahem, icon welder).

4. lightening or colour treatments

when you switch up your doo with lightening or colour, it can damage your strands and strip it of its natural oils.

5. split ends

pesky split ends exacerbate frizz which will get worse the longer you leave 'em. step one: book in for a trim. step two: read our guide to split ends

how to tame frizzy hair in 5 steps

still reading? great. you probably want to know how to make hair less frizzy already. here's our ultimate routine for frizz-prone hair:

step 1: use a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner

you’re going to need a bona-fide shampoo for frizzy hair, along with a specialist conditioner for frizzy hair.

opt for a sulfate-free formula, like mane tamer smoothing shampoo and conditioner to provide all of the suds, without stripping your hair of its natural oils.

step 2: consider a co-wash

not so basic hair needs a not so basic wash routine. if you’re a curl-blessed human, a co-wash is a low-foam cleansing conditioner that will gently wash and condition in one step, helping to remove build-up, moisturise and improve curl manageability.

step 3: invest in a hydrating treatment (or two or three…)

repeat after us: frizzy hair needs hydration. and lots of it. opt for leave-in products that double as a frizzy hair treatment, helping to smooth hair while sealing the cuticle to prevent moisture loss and protect against humidity.

step 4: use (heat) protection

if you’re gonna use hot tools (think: straightener, curler, hair-dryer) you need to use heat protection to keep your strands in tip-top shape.

step 5: dry your hair the right way

want to know how to stop frizzy hair after washing? please take it eaaasy when you’re towel-drying your mane. rubbing too vigorously can cause friction and damage your strands, leading to breakage and frizz. instead, consider using a soft t-shirt or microfibre towel to blot excess water from hair.

the frizz fighters

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