about us

we're a family owned and operated, aussie born and raised brand that has been providing salons across the globe with top-notch professional haircare since '05. we're here to give anyone and everyone good hair... no miracle cures, gimmicks, hyped-up ingredients or answers to love, life and other woes. just high quality, professional haircare that speaks the truth with personality. 

from humble beginnings to big ideas, our mission has remained the same:

saving ordinary humans from themselves™

we challenge the status quo

  • with honest beauty products that respect people and the planet
  • to make people think for themselves
  • and inspire change for the better 

since the start, we have been on a journey of truth, beauty and justice...

help.pngwe are built on truth

we were born from a desire to produce honest products that do what they say, without selling you the answer to life, love and other woes.


view password on.pngwe see beauty differently

we believe beauty is abundant, not in a bottle. feeling good is looking good.


strengthens.pngwe seek justice

by holding ourselves and the beauty industry to a higher standard. we want a little less of the truth-stretching blah blah and a little more honesty. for all. 


doing the right thing

at evo, we want to bring about change for the better… which isn’t easy for a brand that creates things for a living. our commitment is to put people and the planet first to minimise our impact, however we can. we believe sustainability is a journey of progress, not a path to perfection. here’s where we’re at in that journey.

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top-notch professional haircare

easy tiger smoothing balm



haze styling powder



the therapist hydrating shampoo



evo fabuloso platinum blonde toning shampoo



liquid rollers curl balm



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