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elegant street style

  • 1mist with icon welder to protect from the heat processes.
  • 2prep the hair with a light spritz of mister fantastic texture spray to accentuate the natural texture.
  • 3create a soft centre part and lightly dry through using just the fingers, without removing the natural movement.
  • 4with a 1-1.5" curling iron gently add a curve to the hair by rolling a large section around the barrel in one rotation. this will create an indent in the hair as opposed to a curl.
  • 5gently shake out the movement and mist the ends with a little love touch shine spray to separate and calm any roughness through mid-length ends.
  • 6personalise to suit the feature and face shape of each girl whilst showing the texture.
  • 7finish your style with helmut light hairspray for a soft hold but maximum control and manageability.
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