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  • 1apply easy tiger to damp or dry hair. section the front from ear to ear and clip away.
  • 2at the back of the head, take large horizontal sections and blow dry with a paddle brush and hair-dryer on low air and high heat.
  • 3once product is dried into the hair, take a horizontal section from ear to ear and clip away, then high recession to high recession and clip away.
  • 4apply mister fantastic lightly to the hair.
  • 5take a vertical section and curl from roots to ends with a curling wand.
  • 6while curl is warm, brush through with a bristle brush to soften and move next section.
  • 7continue working up the head with the same technique. once you reach the section on the top, take horizontal sections and continue.
  • 8leave to cool then brush upside down with bristle brush then set with miss malleable.
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