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browny locks

  • 11. start with freshly washed and damp hair
  • 22. section hair as shown
  • 33. apply shape vixen through the hair and comb through for even distribution
  • 44. apply root canal on the top of the head and anywhere through the roots for extra volume and style support
  • 55. starting at the back of the nape, take a large horizontal section and blow-dry with bruce, drying the roots first, then the ends. roll brush up to the roots and dry the mid-lengths for a bouncy finish
  • 66. once the back of the head is set, release the front sections and continue drying in the same manner
  • 77. when hair is dry, take large vertical sections and curl the mid-lengths with a uniform barrel wand, clip up the roots and the midlengths
  • 88. to polish the fringe, use a micro iron to put a bend in the fringe
  • 99. brush hair with pete to form wave and finish the look
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