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evo fabuloso provides pre-mixed shampoo, treatments, and styling essentials to tone, refresh, revive and add shine to colour-treated hair. available in 8 shades, evo fabuloso can be taken straight from shelf to shower to keep colour-treated hair toned, vibrant and healthy in-between salon visits.

colour toning range

for any blonde suffering from dull, dry, brassy or generally bleurgh hair, rejoice. the evo fabuloso platinum blonde range is here. used together or alone, the shampoo, treatment and mist offer blondes complete flexibility to achieve the tone they want.

colour boosting range 

refresh, revive and add shine to colour-treated hair to keep it fresh in-between salon visits. from best in beige to the coolest of cool browns, evo fabuloso offers up instant and uncomplicated colour boosting solutions for all.

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