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evo bottle blonde is a professional lightening portfolio that provides maximum lightening power and flexibility with clean, even blonde results while respecting people and the planet.

“i love the fact that bottle blonde gives me such a beautiful and even lift every single time. the fragrance-free formula means that i can offer clients on-scalp comfort like never before. plus, the fact that our carbon footprint is reduced with the refill option means that i can go about my job feeling proud in the choices i make."

jay kownacki

head of education


powder lightener

a powder lightener suitable for all lightening applications that evenly lifts up to 9 levels while preserving hair strength and moisture.


clay lightener

a clay lightener for creative and precise free-hand lightening that evenly lifts up to 8 levels while preserving hair strength and moisture.


color remover

a color remover for the removal of direct dye, demi-permanent and permanent color from color-treated hair.

What Makes it Different?

Performance-icon-1.pngbetter performance

we put performance first so colorists can achieve complete lightening flexibility and epic lifting power with clean, even blonde results.​

Better-for-people-icon-1.pngbetter for people

all formulas are fragrance-free to reduce scalp irritation and sensitivity during the lightening process. plus, they’re vegan, cruelty and gluten-free.

Better-for-plantet-icon-1.pngbetter for the planet

we’ve used refill bags to help reduce plastic waste and formulated without petrochemicals, like mineral oil. instead, we use better for the planet ingredients like isopropyl myristate, guar gum and kaolin.

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