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evo fab pro is a unique customized color maintenance system that complements any color service to protect salon retail. with fab pro, colorists have the power to perfectly match and maintain any hair color in-between salon visits with a customized color maintenance conditioner. 

why fab pro?

evo-icons_one-of-a-kind_300x300.pngone of a kind

fab pro is the original customized color maintenance conditioner. it’s the only system that gives colorists unlimited color freedom to perfectly match any and every in-salon color with a customized conditioner.

evo_icons-service_300x300.pngan essential service

fab pro is an essential part of any color service. it completes the full salon prescription. every client should be leaving every color service with a customized take-home conditioner to keep their colour looking fresh in-between salon visits.

evo-icons_salon-retail_300x300.pngprotects salon retail

colorists don’t just hold the keys to hearts, they also hold the keys to repeat salon business. as the only ones that can perfectly match their clients color, they are keeping clients satisfied and buying direct from the salon… win, win.

customized color maintenance

fab pro direct dyes can be used to create customized color maintenance conditioners that perfectly match and maintain any permanent, demi and semi-permanent color in-between salon visits.

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match it

perfectly match your clients hair color



mix it

mix a customized color maintenance conditioner



take it away

they take it away to maintain their color in-between salon visits


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Australia United States