Fundamental courses

now that you’ve got the basics down pat, get equipped with evergreen techniques that will stand the test of time. no fleeting trends, just transferrable skills that can be used on anyone and everyone. fundamental education builds on the core principles of hairdressing to maximize the evo portfolio and pave the way for a future of limitless creativity.

conquer the combo

fundamental styling

  • learn to extend the evo styling range, creating a product line within a product line
  • cocktail products to create unique finishes
  • master blending vs layering of products to create new hold and shine factors
  • choose the right product for the right hair type
  • how evo styling products can assist in achieving multiple looks
  • using products as part of your tool kit to elevate shape

blow with the flow

fundamental styling

  • prep with the right product and application to achieve fundamental shapes
  • master wrap-drying and learn the benefits of a natural, smooth result
  • create long-lasting body and movement using a round brush and blow-dryer
  • use round brushes in multiple ways, including a twist blow-dry technique
  • master a classic tong set and learn to brush and mould curls
  • create different types of waves using a flat iron
  • learn diffuse drying techniques to enhance natural curls
  • select the right tool to dress each result
  • finishing techniques for all hair types

one stop chop

fundamental cutting

  • learn the fundamentals of haircutting
  • prep with the right product based on hair type
  • use overdirected layering for seamless results
  • use square layering to create shags and mullets
  • master everyone’s favourite, the box bob
  • learn round layering with a difference
  • use styling to enhance your shape

shade shifter

fundamental direct dye coloring

  • become a master of fab pro and staino mixology
  • discover the technology behind fab pro and staino direct dyes
  • master the art of take-home color maintenance
  • maximize your use of the entire direct dye palette when making any shade
  • gain confidence in direct dye removal, including removing the most stubborn shades

light side of life

fundamental lightening

  • full overview of the bottle blonde portfolio
  • gain an understanding of the lightening process
  • learn correct developer and product choice
  • achieve bright results with the right foil placement, application and closure
  • master freehand painting, including angles and sections for a smooth blend
  • learn techniques for a precise scalp lightening application, including damage-free overlap, sub-sectioning and section density

not for the paint hearted

hue-verse fundamental coloring


gain confidence in progressive color theory including; 

  • texture and porosity consideration
  • conquering resistant hair types
  • using mix tones to perfect end results
  • corrective coloring
  • filling
  • lightening processes
  • correct color removal



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