Social Responsibility

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being the most responsible version of ourselves means supporting initiatives that go beyond products, packaging and printed materials. here’s how we’re giving back to causes that contribute to the greater good.

brand-book_icons7.pngcarbon footprint

we offset our operational greenhouse gases by purchasing certified carbon credits and utilize solar at a manufacturing level for certain ranges. we also own an allotment of trees that allow us to further offset emissions.


brand-book_icons9.pnggreener salons 

we partner with organizations like green circle salons so that together we can help to reduce and repurpose waste for a more sustainable professional haircare industry.


pals with the people.pnghelping hand

we donate stock to homeless shelters, charitable organizations and indigenous communities. we proudly support short back + sidewalks who provide haircuts to those experiencing homelessness, free of charge and free of judgment.


plastic bank.pngplastic bank

by partnering with plastic bank, we are helping to stop ocean-bound plastic pollution while providing collectors with a path out of poverty. for every evo retail bottle sold, plastic bank collectors will retrieve the same amount of ocean-bound plastic.




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