hank 35mm ceramic vented radial brush

a styling brush for quick and easy blow-drying. vent holes in the barrel allow heat from the blow-dryer to circulate at the roots, to create volume.
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  • suitable for all hair types; except delicate hair
  • ceramic-coated, vented, metal barrel speeds up drying time
  • heat-resistant, ionic nylon bristles reduce frizz and improve manageability
  • use to straighten and smooth or add volume and bounce
  • features a handle pick for easy sectioning
  • evo hair brushes are environmentally conscious; made with fsc® certified wood from well-managed forests
hank ceramic radial brush is designed to straighten and smooth or create volume and bounce. this brush features a ceramic-coated barrel to absorb heat uniformly, speeding up drying time and enhancing styles. the anti-static properties of the nylon pins generate negative ions, helping to leave hair smoother, healthier and more manageable. all evo hair brushes and combs are manufactured with an environmental conscience. each brush is made with fsc® certified wood from well-managed forests.

  • blow-dry hair until almost dry
  • working with small to medium sections, place hank at the roots and apply heat by directing blow-dryer at the barrel
  • maintain tension as you move hank through the hair
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