tyler natural bristle teasing brush

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a brush for sectioning, detailing and teasing when dressing hair. natural boar bristles help to smooth and add shine.
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  • suitable for all hair types; except delicate hair
  • ceramic-coated, vented, metal barrel speeds up drying time
  • heat-resistant, ionic nylon bristles reduce frizz and improve manageability
  • use to straighten and smooth or add volume and bounce
  • features a handle pick for easy sectioning
  • evo hair brushes are environmentally conscious; made with fsc® certified wood from well-managed forests
designed for precise styling, the tyler teasing brush features densely packed boar bristles for the ultimate back-brush. natural boar bristles help to maintain the health and condition of hair, with a unique structure that carries sebum from the scalp to the end of the hair shaft, coating each hair strand with natural oils. boar bristle brushing helps to repair dry hair and add shine. all evo hair brushes and combs are manufactured with an environmental conscience. each brush is made with fsc® certified wood from well-managed forests.

  • work with small sections
  • hold the section away from head and brush tyler from ends to roots
  • once all sections are complete, lightly brush the top layer of hair to smooth without removing texture
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