spike 38mm nylon pin bristle radial brush

a styling brush for quick, easy blow-drying. boar bristles help to stretch the hair, while the nylon pins smooth, polish and add shine.
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  • suitable for all hair types, especially long, thick, wavy and curly hair
  • boar bristles distribute the hair's natural oils to help reduce damage and frizz, improving manageability
  • natural boar bristles polish the cuticle to smooth and add shine
  • use to straighten and smooth or add volume and bounce
  • features a handle pick for easy sectioning
  • evo hair brushes are environmentally conscious; made with fsc® certified wood from well-managed forests
  • adds shine – heat resistant, nylon pins polish cuticle to smooth and add shine
with spike nylon pin bristle radial brush, you can create straight, smooth styles or add volume and bounce while detangling. this blow-drying brush features natural boar bristles which help to maintain the health and condition of hair. the unique structure of the boar bristle carries sebum from the scalp to the end of the hair shaft, coating each hair strand with natural oils. boar bristle brushing helps to repair dry hair and add shine. all evo hair brushes and combs are manufactured with an environmental conscience. each brush is made with fsc® certified wood from well-managed forests.

  1. Blow-dry hair until almost dry.  
  2. Work with small to medium sections and place Spike at the roots and apply heat by directing a blow-dryer at the barrel.
  3. Allow each section to cool before brushing from roots to ends.

Tip: For a tighter, bouncier blow-dry, work with small sections of almost dry hair and roll Spike up from ends to roots. Hold Spike in the hair and blast section with hot air, followed by cold air from a blow-dryer. Unravel hair, brush out and spray with hairspray to set the shape.

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