the ultimate guide to split ends

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looking to grow out your mane, reduce the appearance of frizz or reap all the benefits that come with a wash-and-go hairstyle? split ends can make these things a whole lot harder to achieve. instead of picking and pulling them apart, learn how to stop them right in their tracks with our guide to hair care for split ends.

what are split ends?

we’ll hazard a guess that you’ve found yourself here because you’ve experienced split ends before. in fact, most people are pretty familiar with this beauty gripe... but what actually are split ends? well, split ends happen when the cuticle (the hair’s outer protective layer) becomes weak, leaving the strand’s core prone to splitting. from a y-shape, feathered or deep split, they come in many different shapes and sizes and can leave hair looking dull and frizzy and can even cause damage over time.

what causes split ends?

without getting too technical on you, the hair shaft is made up of protein structures that contain millions of things called disulfide bonds. if these bonds become damaged, it can cause those pesky little things we call split ends. causes of damage include:

  • high levels of heat from hot tool styling
  • chemical treatments
  • exposure to the elements, like the sun and wind
  • daily wear and tear, such as over-shampooing
  • tugging and brushing hair, especially when wet
  • harsh shampoos and conditioners, made with stripping formulas

split end myths debunked

if you’re left wondering how to fix a split end, the easiest way to do so might just be a good ol’ trim. think of a split end like an unravelled rope: to stop it from continuing to unravel, you need to cut the fragmented end off… so once a split occurs, to stop it from causing even more damage, you’ll need to make a trip to your hairdresser for a healthy trim.

that said, there are many ways you can go about reducing the appearance of split ends, as well as steps you can take to prevent them from occurring again. hair masks and treatments will help strengthen, restore moisture, and conceal split ends, but we warned, they won’t magically link everything back together.

how to prevent split ends

now that we know where they come from, here’s what you need to prevent split ends from happening in the first place. if you’re looking at your ends right now and noticing a lot of splits, it’s probably a good time to book in for a trim. regular trims will help stop splits from travelling further up the hair shaft. it's also a good idea to incorporate a repairing hair mask into your routine, like mane attention.

remember to take it easy when brushing your hair… especially when wet. roy wide tooth comb will help you gently detangle without putting too much strain on the hair. and, before diving in with your hot tools, be sure to use a heat protection spray like icon welder to prevent your hair from heat damage.

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the ultimate hair care routine for split ends

looking for a straight answer on how to prevent split ends? evo has got you covered.

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now that you’ve got the knowledge, pick the right haircare products to keep split ends at bay. repair, hydrate, protect and indulge in all that healthy hair glory.


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