do you need purple shampoo?


anyone with colour-treated blonde hair knows it can come with its challenges… one second, you’re repping your salon-fresh shade; then overtime, your hair starts throwing more brassy tones than a trumpet… but this is where purple shampoo comes in.

to put it simply, purple shampoo contains pigment that works to offset brassy tones since yellow and purple are opposites according to colour theory. if you’re new to the world of blonde, keep reading to find out why purple shampoo is a must-have and how to use it.

why use purple shampoo?

if you’ve spent what feels like an eternity at the salon achieving the perfect bleach blonde, highlights or balayage, chances are, your hair might become a little brassy, yellow or dull in the weeks after your appointment. use purple shampoo whenever you want to banish unwanted tones… or pre-emptively incorporate it into your weekly routine to maintain that salon-fresh feeling for longer… brassy tones don’t stand a chance.

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if you’re in need of some top-notch toning goodness, you’re going to want to keep the crowd-favourite evo fabuloso platinum blonde range close at hand. the fabuloso platinum blonde toning shampoo has a strong, maxed-out pigment load which tones quickly and evenly, while fabuloso platinum blonde colour boosting treatment provides another toning boost with a healthy dose of nourishment that blondes so desperately need. fabuloso platinum blonde toning mist is the cherry on top of any blonde routine, to ever-so-gently tone, treat and detangle while protecting hair from uv and heat damage… the ultimate trio to bring out the best of your blonde. 

how to use evo fabuloso platinum blonde

unsure of how to use purple shampoo or how long to leave purple shampoo in for? we’ve got you.

how to use fabuloso platinum blonde toning shampoo:

how to use fabuloso platinum blonde colour boosting treatment:

  • towel-dry your hair
  • pop on some gloves and spread away using a comb or your fingers
  • wait 3 minutes and rinse until the water runs clear… it really is that simple

how to use fabuloso platinum blonde toning mist:

what’s more, the platinum blonde range can be used together or alone, giving you complete flexibility to achieve the tone you want.

if you like your blonde super-cool, use the toning shampoo and colour boosting treatment together once a week for super-toned hair glory. if your ideal blonde is not too warm, not too cool, maintain what you’ve got by using the colour boosting treatment once a week after your favourite evo shampoo. or, if you’re somewhere in-between, use the toning shampoo weekly with your favourite evo conditioner to get your cool back.

purple shampoo tips and tricks

if purple shampoo still has you feeling perplexed, fear not, we’ve got a few handy tips and tricks to help you get the very best results.

first off, set yourself up for toning success by using normal persons daily shampoo for your first shampoo. this will remove product build-up and excess oil while refreshing and balancing the scalp, leaving the perfect base for purple shampoo to quickly and evenly do its thing.

we recommend using purple shampoo once a week for juuuust the right level of toning. be mindful that overuse of purple shampoo can lead to over toning which can result in your blonde appearing overtoned and duller.

make sure you top off your blonde routine with the right heat protection productsday of grace pre-style primer or icon welder heat protection spray or platinum blonde toning mist will protect your locks from heat damage and prevent the colour fading that often comes with the excessive use of heat.

there you have it, instant and uncomplicated colour toning solutions for each and every blonde. if platinum blonde doesn’t feel quite right, why not reach for the best in beige or the coolest of cool browns with evo fabuloso colour boosting treatments?


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