how to simplify your beauty routine

has your stash of hair and beauty products gotten out of control? if products go flying every time you open your bathroom cabinet, it’s time to go back to basics and declutter your routine… before someone gets bonked on the head by a bottle of hairspray.

declutter your beauty cabinet

wondering, how do I simplify my beauty routine? the best place to start is with your haircare routine, as these products take up a whole lotta space.

check the period-after-opening symbols: flip over to the back of your beauty products and you’ll find a symbol that looks like an open jar with a number inside. this is the period-after-opening symbol that shows how many months you have to use the product before it’s past its best-before date.

take note of what you actually use: be real with yourself… are there any products that are just taking up space? products didn’t work with your hair type or are from that years-old routine you no longer follow? if you’re holding onto a bottle o’ something just for the sake of it, it might be time to part ways and claim back that real estate on your top shelf.

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recycle your empties responsibly: evo bottles are currently made from green pe and we’re transitioning to pcr (post-consumer recycled) plastic so that we’re producing less virgin plastic. our bottles can be placed in your kerbside recycling bin; just make sure you keep the cap screwed on so it reaches the recycling stream too. if you’re recycling an empty spray or conditioner, make sure to remove the pump first and place it in your standard bin (or keep it for reuse)… and if you’re ever in doubt, check with your local municipality for their recycling initiatives and services.

remember, it's cool to be kind. please keep the environment front-of-mind when disposing of empty or out-of-date products. promise?

find the right products for you

out with the old, in with the new. now that you’ve rediscovered some much-needed shelf space, let’s make sure that you don’t clutter your bathroom with underperforming products. we’d pick quality over quantity, every time.

the key is to find the right products for your unique hair colour, type and texture. not sure where to start? read our guide to building a simple hair care routine from scratch.

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consider multi-use beauty products

want to know how to speed up your morning beauty routine? invest in multipurpose beauty products that can do a whole lot with not much time.

best all in one hair treatment for… almost everyone

if you’re in the market for an all in one hair treatment, happy campers wearable treatment is a good place to start. it's the ultimate triple-threat: use it to strengthen hair, provide protection from uv damage and detangle.

best all in one hair treatment for… curly girls (and guys)

there's no such thing as an all in one curly hair product – read more about why wavy and curly hair is kind of complicated here – but liquid rollers comes close: it’s suitable for wavy, curly, coily and tight textures and enhances curls while improving hair condition.

best all in one hair treatment for… frizzy hair

want to smoooooth your hair into place before you walk out the door? and reduce frizz, protect against heat damage and style your hair into place while you’re at it? try easy tiger smoothing balm. this blow-drying cream has been formulated to smooth and control frizz while enhancing style.

best all in one hair treatment for… bottle blondes

want to lightly tone and brighten colour-treated blonde hair? give evo fabuloso platinum blonde toning mist a spin. this newly-launched mist is lightweight and does a top-notch job of detangling, moisturising, adding shine and protecting against heat damage while refreshing your colour.

best all in one hair treatment for… coloured hair

this one’s for the brunettes, red heads and caramel blondes. want to keep your colour fresh between salon visits? try our range of evo fabuloso colour boosting treatments. available in eight shades, evo fabuloso can be taken straight from shelf to shower to keep hair vibrant and healthy around the clock.

you could streamline your whole life by investing in some of the best all in one skin care products too. the question: what will you do with all your spare time?

shop the multi-taskers

happy campers wearable treatment



evo fabuloso platinum blonde toning mist



easy tiger smoothing balm



liquid rollers curl balm



evo fabuloso cool brown colour boosting treatment



evo fabuloso mahogany colour boosting treatment



keep it consistent

good hair comes to those who use the right products day in, day out. once you start providing your hair with all the good stuff while protecting from heat damage (if heat tools are your thing, that is) you’ll start to see an improvement in the condition of your doo.

the takeaway

for most people, the answer to the age-old question of ‘how can i upgrade my beauty routine?’ is the same. we want a simplified beauty routine filled with hard-working, multipurpose beauty products and hair styling solutions. for a less-is-more approach, simply declutter your bathroom cabinet, invest in the right multi-tasking products for your hair type and use them consistently. easy as.

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