get to know billie justice thomson

our favourite time of year is fast approaching, and fellow festive season enthusiasts will be pleased to hear we’ve teamed up with billie justice thomson to bring you an array of gifting options well deserving of their place under the tree. get to know the painter and illustrator behind our 2023 holiday gifting collection… you may even pick up an idea or two for your own wish list.

do you have any creative rituals that you can share?

my creative rituals involve firstly putting on music. i will often do a big tidy-up because i need a clean space to work in (although at the end of the day i usually just abandon my desk and leave it trashed). i then work on things in blocks throughout the day and will shift around so i don’t get tired or bored of anything.

how did you go about creating the motifs that appear on the evo holiday packs?

i really wanted the icons to represent how evo customers can change their identity and their look using evo products… you can determine what you look like and change whatever you want as a way to freedom. i wanted to bring in heaps of different elements to represent this.

i didn’t want it to be “in your face christmas”, i wanted it to be more festive and more inclusive so it was just a celebration. this time of year is a celebration for lots of different people, for lots of different reasons.

what is your favourite playlist when you’re in the studio?

i listen to a lot of rnb and a lot of house music, but it depends on what kind of flow i’m in. if i need to get heaps of work done, the bpm’s are going to be higher.

do you have any favourite festive memories?

i have really been trying to make my own traditions for my family. we have prawn spaghetti for dinner on christmas.

how will you be styling your hair this festive season?

i do not spend very long on my hair so my hair will probably look a lot like this… or maybe i’ll wear it up because i’m cooking.

what’s on your gift wish list this year?

i think i want an extra karaoke microphone so my family can do duets.

what’s your go to karaoke song?

my go-to karaoke song would be anything from priscilla queen of the desert.

if you were an evo product, what would you be?

if i was an evo product, i would probably be water killer dry shampoo. it’s reliable, it saves a lot of time, it’s no-nonsense... a bit like me.

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