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sustainability is the topic on everyone’s lips right now… and we get it… ever since evo came to be back in 2005, we’ve been on a mission to bring about change for the better. but sustainability isn’t easy for a brand that creates things for a living. waste is unavoidable when you’re in the game of making and creating. so, instead of claiming to be a super dooper sustainable brand, we want to be the most responsible version of ourselves that we can be. our commitment is to put people and the planet first to minimise our impact however we can. we believe sustainability is a journey of progress, not a path to perfection… so here’s where we’re at in that journey.


when it comes to evo’s ingredients, we’re all about simplicity. our ranges are free from sulfates, parabens, dea, propylene glycol and gluten… not because it sounds good, but because it’s what you, the people, want. we don’t add hyped-up ingredients just for label claims, over-inflate the truth or demonise ingredients… we keep things easy to understand and simple to use.

evo hair is predominately vegan, with the exception of three* products. we haven’t found formulas that perform to our high standards, so until we do, these products will remain as they are.

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*box o’ bolloxcassius and crop strutters contain animal bi-products such as beeswax and lanolin.

packaging + printed materials

we’re always looking for ways to do better when it comes to plastic, which is why we currently use green pe and are transitioning to pcr (post-consumer recycled) plastic so that we’re producing less virgin plastic.

we use fsc® (forest stewardship council®) certified recyclable paper for our printed materials and hardwood for our brushes. this means that the paper and wood are sourced from responsibly managed forests that meet the highest environmental and social standards set out by the forest stewardship council®.

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you may be wondering, is evo hair cruelty free? evo has and always will provide you with only the best cruelty free hair products. we make ethical hair care that isn’t tested on our furry friends (humans only), and we have the peta accreditation to prove it.

to reduce our carbon footprint at an operational and manufacturing level, we offset our operational carbon emissions by purchasing certified carbon credits. we also own an allotment of trees that allow us to offset the emissions associated with our fabuloso and travel-sized tubes.


our commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop at the planet. we proudly partner with short back and sidewalks who provide haircuts to those experiencing homelessness, free of charge and judgement. we also donate perfectly imperfect stock to homeless shelters and support indigenous communities through ongoing partnerships with organisations like the happy boxes project.

plus, to celebrate earth month each year, the team at evo hq roll up their sleeves to pick up rubbish in local areas for our very own clean-up day. it’s a simple act, but it’s the right thing to do.

what’s next?

so, what’s next for evo? while we’ve taken steps in the right direction, we know sustainability is an ongoing journey. we want to bring you products that not only hydraterepair or smooth (and give you great hair, of course) but also do the right thing by people and the planet at the same time.

we’re committed to always learning, growing, and evolving… to always doing better… and we’ll be sure to take you on our sustainability journey every step of the way.

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