meet the artist: billie justice thomson


in times when you want to gift something special to your nearest and dearest, we know only the best will do… which is why our annual artist collaboration returns for 2023 with painter, illustrator and adelaide local, billie justice thomson.

from iconic foods to south australian nostalgia and leafy green plants, billie’s signature aesthetic oozes a familiarity that will have you joyfully reminiscing on your former days. now, she’s bringing her full of flair illustrations to evo for the major holidays of 2023.

your high and low search for the perfect gift ends now… give the gift of great hair with our limited-edition mane contender gift packs available in hydrate and repair. but first, say hello to the artist extraordinaire behind it all…

tell us a little about your journey till now

i grew up in adelaide and studied visual arts at the university of south australia as soon as i finished high school. i really loved my time there and always felt like i was on the right path. i moved to melbourne for 6 years and then returned 5 years ago to start a family and focus on my career as an artist. moving back to adelaide has been really positive and i cannot imagine a better place to live.

where does your passion for art stem from?

i don’t think i can put it down to one thing. both my parents are creative and i was given a lot of encouragement to do what i loved growing up. i’ve been drawing since i could hold a pen and it has always brought me so much joy.

describe your illustration style in three words

wonky, good humoured and approachable.

what was the inspiration behind the illustrations on the ‘mane contender’ bag?

this artwork speaks to evo’s huge commitment to promoting diversity. i wanted everyone to feel represented by including all hair types, and also to reference the incredible colour ranges evo does so well.

what is your go-to evo product?

i really love water killer dry shampoo and helmut extra strong lacquer. for someone who doesn’t have too much time for their hair, these two products have been a game changer.

what does the future have in store for you?

i’m working on writing and self-publishing an illustrated cookbook at the moment. i’d also love to make some more artwork that focuses on children as the audience.


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