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we are proud to partner with plastic bank to help prevent ocean-bound plastic from polluting our waterways while improving the lives of the people who collect it. for every evo retail bottle sold, the same amount of plastic is collected from the environment. collection members exchange plastic at their local branch to secure income and life-improving benefits like health, work and life insurance, school supplies, meal vouchers and more.

every year, 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans, equating to one garbage truck every minute.

born in 2013 from an idea to turn plastic into worth, plastic bank is helping tackle this issue and fight poverty by supporting ethical recycling ecosystems in underdeveloped communities. not only does this system offer plastic collectors meaningful work and better opportunities, the plastic collected is then processed to give it a second life and re-enter the global supply chain.

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while evo has long been committed to people-first and planet-first initiatives separately, plastic bank is an organisation equally dedicated to both. so far, we’ve prevented more than 2 million bottles from entering ocean-bound waterways.

pb_bottles collected_mono.png2,054,400
bottles collected


pb_kg extracted_mono.png42,800
kilograms extracted


pb_communities impacted_mono.png59
communities impacted


pb_people impacted_mono.png369
people impacted


“creating meaningful change is a group effort and we’re excited to partner with plastic bank to help decrease the impact of plastic on the planet. we look forward to taking our customers on this journey with us.”

brad gauvin

evo managing director

Australia United States
Australia United States