style buddies

a daily shampoo and conditioner duo that deeply cleanses to remove product build-up and excess oil, while refreshing and balancing the scalp.
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  • deeply cleanses.png deeply cleanses
  • vegan.png vegan
  • strengthens.png strengthens
  • detangling.png detangling
  • all hair types.png all hair types

  • recommended for all hair types, especially normal to oily hair


  • normal persons daily shampoo 500ml
  • normal persons daily conditioner 500ml

buy your favourite shampoo and conditioner duo in our limited edition 500ml size. recommended for all hair types, especially normal to oily hair, style buddies includes normal persons daily shampoo to deeply cleanse and clarify hair, and normal persons daily conditioner to detangle and improve combability and manageability. this powerful duo cools and stimulates the scalp to reduce excess oil and refresh and balance the scalp. 

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