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evo hair products are luxurious formulations made from the finest globally sourced ingredients.

they are divided into 6 product families, catering for different hair needs and distinguished by colour-coded packaging (to make it easier on you lot).

(1) hydrate dry follicles unite™
~ moisturise dry, frizzy, colour-treated hair

(2) repair love is in the hair™
~ repair weak, brittle, colour-treated hair

(3) volume fat & happy™
~ volumise fine, limp, colour-treated hair

(4) curl twisted for life™
~ support curly hair and enhance natural wave

(5) smooth tame the strays™
~ smooth coarse hair and control the frizz

(6) style great sculptors don’t use tofu™
~ styling and finishing options for all hair types

evo face care provides gimmick-free formulas without harsh surfactants, preservatives and fillers, and no unnecessary, over-marketed ingredients put there only to make claims on labels. 

evo body care products were created in line with the evo mission to make innovative, gimmick-free products that are honest and give great results. they are easy-to-use, bollox-free, effective skin care systems.

evo creates innovative, professional tools designed to complement evo products and make your life that little bit easier.