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welded pony

  • 1apply Icon Welder hot tool shaper to clean and dry hair and brush in.
  • 2take large horizontal sections and smooth with a flat iron.
  • 3use Tyler teasing brush to create a low, clean ponytail and bring the hair back towards the nape.
  • 4split the hair into two at the nape of the neck and twist each section towards each other to form a ponytail then secure with an elastic.
  • 5once ponytail is secure, take a medium piece of hair from the back of the ponytail and spray wet with Builder’s Paradise building spray then wrap around the band and finish with a small hair pin.
  • 6use a blow dryer to set the hair at the band.
  • 7apply a small amount of Love Perpetua shine drops to polish and smooth the ponytail.
  • 8for added texture apply Builder’s Paradise building spray and create some volume and shape at the crown.
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