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soft sweeps

  • 1apply mister fantastic blowout spray to the crown of the head and front hairline.
  • 2blow-dry mister fantastic blowout spray into the hair using bradford pin bristle brush. create a side fringe and clip away.
  • 3using a flat iron, create small bends in one direction then release to create new bends further down the shaft.
  • 4work in large vertical sections around the head to create uneven waves through the hair.
  • 5loosely plait the hair in large sections to hold the wave in place. this will prevent dropout.
  • 6lightly spray with builder's paradise working hairspray to create flexible hold.
  • 7once the hair is set, separate waves with roy wide tooth comb.
  • 8dust in haze styling powder on the crown and through the fringe area for texture.
  • 9sweep hair to just in front of the ear, twist the section and secure with pins.
  • 10set shape with builder's paradise working hairspray to finish.
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