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sir pin a lot

  • 1Spritz the hair with Mister Fantastic blow out spray and brush in with Pete paddle brush
  • 2tip head upside down and blow-dry the product in
  • 3layer in Mister Fantastic blowout spray again for extra texture
  • 4Blast hair with a blow-dryer to create a rough finish to the hair
  • 5Place hair in desired parting and secure with Clippity Clap setting clips
  • 6rough hair up to create some flyaway and volume at the roots
  • 7Split hair down the centre and twist each side towards the centre section and secure together with an elastic
  • 8Once hair is secure, piece out the sides and crown to desired volume and texture
  • 9split the ponytail in two and tie into a knot, continue tying knots around the base of the ponytail and secure with pins
  • 10pin the sides of the hair with hair pins of choice for a decorative feature
  • 11finish hair with Builder’s Paradise working spray to set the shape
  • 12use Conrad grooming brush to fluff up fringe to finish
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