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neon gypsy

  • 1prepare the hair with day of grace pre-style primer then coat the hair from root to tip with salty dog salt spray.
  • 2blast blow dry the roots. allow this to build texture, not volume. be sure not to create a clean part, but more so combing the hair forward to one side.
  • 3use a blow dryer and spike pin bristle brush to train the hair. style the hair from the root to come towards the eye.
  • 4right turn spike and put a dent in the hair above the eye.
  • 5use hot air and cold air to hold this dent shape in place.
  • 6the old bobby charlton move comes next! sweep the hair across the forehead.
  • 7move the hair down the forehead in an exaggerated way. hold the hair down with one finger and comb over with tyler tail brush.
  • 8take a mesh wig cap, put it over the face and pull down so that it rests on the neck.
  • 9set hair in place with miss malleable flexible hairspray.
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