in a world of constant change, i felt the need to be reborn, to break free, to become who i really was. so i changed myself. goodbye helmut light, i am now, miss malleable.

sometimes, it’s hard to fit in when you are in someone’s shadow. you get tossed to the side, no one really knows what you do, or where you came from. i’m done with that, i’ve risen above my environment, i am me and i am proud. 
i know i’ve become a hollywood house hold name, but inside i’m still the same helmut light you know and love.

“a dry, strong hold hairspray - for building styles and finishing - that brushes out with ease. “ – this is still me. don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. i still love to help hold that hair, i still want you to be your own creative genius. you know what they say, higher the hair, closer to heaven. 

i’m fast drying and not in any way tacky or sticky. i’ll never change that. i’m strong when you need it and brushed away when you don’t.


it’s now time for a new day. 

miss malleable flexible hairspray avaliable your favourite evo salon and online.

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