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freshly slicked

  • 1mist hair with day of grace we are going to do a lot of brushing. this will allow us to get roy through it!
  • 2dry the hair back behind the ears with bradford creating a natural scruffy texture for the length.
  • 3start at the nape, section the hair 1 inch (3cm) and apply gangster grip to roots with your fingertips. flattening hair to scalp as you apply.
  • 4continue sections up the head flattening the hair using gangster grip and truman.
  • 5in front of the ears take diagonal forward sections, continue to the hairline with gangster grip. use roy to add a ribbed effect.
  • 6holding the hair tight on the sides use a hairdryer with a directional nozzle to dry the gangster grip into place.
  • 7spritz a little shebang-a-bang into the back of the hair to bridge the gap between the wet roots and dry ends for a beautiful subtle contrast.
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