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feathered flip

  • 1on dry hair, apply root canal. take a circular section on top of the crown and clip away.
  • 2smooth the hair from root to ends using a paddle brush, high heat and low air. create a slight bend on the ends. drop top section and repeat.
  • 3once hair is dry, re-section into original pattern but section out the fringe. spray each section lightly with icon welder to protect with an invisible finish.
  • 4in the bottom section use a flat iron over the hair then create a curl through the ends of the hair. at the front of the face, bend iron up and away. through the other sections, bend iron down.
  • 5while curl is warm, brush through with a bristle brush and clip the ends up into a barrel curl to cool.
  • 6continue this around the head. once all curls are clipped up- leave to cool before releasing.
  • 7brush through the shape and set hair with miss malleable before finishing into place.
  • 8spritz through ends with love touch, for extra gloss,and a weightless finish.
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