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  • 1Apply Day Grace to dry hair and brush in to create an even hydration layer on the hair.
  • 2Section out the top of the hair into two sections and clip away for the braids. Loosely plait the rest of the hair and secure so that braiding is easy and does not get tangled in with the loose hair.
  • 3Brush one of the top sections down and detangle to begin the braid.
  • 4Begin braid at the front hairline, created a 3 strand inverted braid. Braid tight and cleanly so that the braid can be loosened later on.
  • 5Continue braid down the hair and secure with an elastic. Braid other side and apply Haze to the braids to create texture.
  • 6Use your fingers to pull the braids apart and create desired texture.
  • 7Release the ends of the hair and apply Builder’s Paradise to the ends of the braid to hold in shape.
  • 8Use Conrad to brush over the braids to create softness and fly aways.
  • 9Use Builder¹s Paradise to set the hair behind the ear to finish.
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