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Blown Out

  • 1start with damp hair and apply root canal and mister fantastic. dry to 70%. section the hair into quarters.
  • 2take a horizontal section and use a large round brush to set the shape. starting at the roots, dry and set volume with a cool shot, then move down to the ends. roll the ends up around the brush then release. clip up section while warm and move on.
  • 3follow through the front section of the hair (hair on top of brush), blow dry away from the face to smooth the hairline and create a sweep.
  • 4through the sections on the top of the head, keep in brush until cool then release and clip (stronger wave).
  • 5leave until last section is cool so that hair is completely set and shape will hold. release clips from hair and spray with builder’s paradise to set curl.
  • 6tip hair upside down and brush out blowdry. for extra volume, tap haze in the roots at the top of the crown.
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