here in the land down under we’re advocates for an easy life. our weekends are best spent around the barbie with a cold one in hand. we don’t care for hundred-step beauty routines, just multi-purpose products that pack multiple benefits into one neat little package. because after all, less time in the bathroom means more doing what we do best.

discover our a-beauty heroes. easy to understand, simple to use… and bursting with benefits.

salty dog salt spray

1. salty dog salt spray

going for that “i just stepped off bondi beach” vibe? salty dog is the sea salt spray for you. our tip? spray salty dog onto dry hair and create two plaits either side of the head. blow-dry, then release the plaits and separate using your fingers. for extra texture and shape, spray salty dog through mid-lengths and ends to finish. salty, beach-based texture with a matte finish… the epitome of australian beauty.

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water killer dry shampoo

2. water killer dry shampoo

beach-lovers and gym-goers, this two-in-one dry shampoo and styling spray will literally make your day. absorbing excess oil to restore body and bounce, water killer adds volume with touchable texture, and easily brushes out without leaving residue. by incorporating water killer into your routine, you can lessen the damage caused by excessive washing and blow-drying. save time and save your hair… need we say more?

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happy campers wearable treatment

3. happy campers wearable treatment

perhaps the most versatile of them all, happy campers is a lightweight, daily styling treatment that moisturises, strengthens and protects, while adding style support. with built in uv and heat protection, it will shield against the elements, while helping to reduce breakage and improve combability and manageability.

happy campers also boasts a dual delivery system, meaning you can spray directly into damp hair and air-dry or blow-dry, or for a more concentrated effect, apply as a cream by spraying directly into your hands.

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root canal volumising spray

4. root canal volumising spray

a morning pick-me-up and staple for those with fine hair, root canal improves styling while providing definition, slight hold and volume without weighing the hair down. with a fine mist application, this texture spray is easily applied to build style upon style. apply to damp hair by spraying into roots for lift and support. comb through to ends for all-over texture and volume. with root canal, the choice is yours.

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mane attention protein mask

5. head mistress cuticle sealer

last but not least, this multi-purpose cream certainly packs a punch. lean on head mistress for blow-drying and finishing, to reduce frizz, increase slip, help detangle and add softness and shine. with uv and heat protection, it will also keep your hair safe from the harsh aussie sun. the benefits don’t stop there. to reduce the appearance of split ends, apply head mistress liberally through damp mid-lengths and ends, then style as desired.

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so, if you’re not one for big commitment, commit to keeping it simple with our a-beauty heroes... they’re bursting with benefits, and guaranteed to satisfy your hair’s every need. just in case you weren’t convinced, they’re also available in handy travel-sized sizes that fit right in your back pocket. now that’s convenient.

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