summer hair care tips

ah, summer. the bringer of good vibes and good times. but here’s the thing… summer does not always equal good hair. all of that sand, salt water, chlorine and intense heat can really do a number on your mane.

fortunately for us, it is possible to protect your strands and make it through summer without your hair turning to straw. here, we share our top summer hair care tips:

summer hair 101: how to care for your hair in summer

1. swap to a hydrating shampoo and conditioner

summer hair care starts with hydration, hydration, hydration. switch out your regular shampoo and conditioner for a specialist formula, designed to treat dry, uv-damaged hair by injecting a quick hit of moisture.

our go-to summer hair products? the therapist shampoo and conditioner. these guys contain glycerin to deliver moisture to the cuticle, helping to minimise frizz and reducing the impact of humidity.



2. seal in moisture with a hair mask

summer hair products don’t stop at shampoo and conditioner. salt water, chlorine and stinkin’ hot uv rays can strip every last drop of moisture from the hair – and that’s where a nourishing hair mask comes in.

bring your hair back from the brink with a little help from the great hydrator moisture mask (for max hydration) or mane attention protein treatment (for added strength and repair).



3. protect your strands from the sun’s rays

want to know how to treat dry hair in summer? start by applying uv protection to your mane, just like you would for your skin.

before heading out the door, run a summer hair product through your strands, like happy campers wearable treatment or evo fabuloso platinum blonde toning mist. for bonus points, throw on a hat as well.



4. step away from the hot tools

in summer, your hair is under environmental stress from harsh uv rays; when you add hot tools to the mix, that stress is amplified even further. so maybe take it easy on the hot tools for a while? if you’re worried about frizz from air-drying your hair, try adding a styling cream or balm to your lengths to whip hair into shape, sans heat.


5. wash less often with cooler water

while it might be tempting to shampoo every day, over-washing can strip hair of its natural oils and make it appear less shiny. for most hair types, three to four times per week should do the trick; if you have curls, you could even stretch it out to once per week. finish off your shower by rinsing with cold water to help seal the cuticle and promote shine.

tip: if you find your hair gets oily between washes, use water killer dry shampoo for a quick refresh.

the takeaway

see? told you summer hair doesn’t need to be bleurgh. when you have the right summer hair care routine and products, everything (and every hair) will fall into place.

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