the best heat protectant sprays to protect hair from damage

hair feeling more fried than an egg on a barbecue? we’ll hazard a guess that there’s some heat damage at play.

while we love a hairdryer, straightener or curler as much as the next guy, if you’re not protecting your hair on the daily, these tools will cause frizz, split ends and breakage that will only get worse over time. eesh.

the good news? we have all the tricks that will help restore your mane to its former glory in no time. let’s get into it.

how to prevent hair breakage

daily habits

how to avoid damaging hair? start by implementing a few easy-peasy daily habits in the short term that will make a big difference to the health of your strands in the long term.

first and foremost: build a simple hair care routine by understanding your hair type and implementing a cleanse, condition, treat, protect and style routine.

here are some other super simple, super easy to implement tips:

  • avoid brushing hair when it’s wet. did you know that your hair is weaker than usual when you’ve just jumped out of the shower? strands are more likely to stretch, bend and break when you rake a brush through a wet mane. the solution? let your hair air dry before brushing.
  • take a shower earlier. sleeping with wet hair can also contribute to hair breakage. so maybe shake-up your evening routine to shower earlier?
  • minimise damage while you sleep. cotton pillowcases can be juuuust a touch abrasive on hair; switching to a silk or satin pillowcase could help reduce the amount of friction on your hair while you sleep. if your hair is long, the best way to wear hair to bed to prevent breakage is by pulling it back into a plait.

heat and uv protection

if you’re serious about learning how to prevent hair breakage, begin by adding a heat protectant to your daily hair routine… starting today… or, better yet, yesterday.

how does a heat protectant spray prevent hair breakage? thought you’d never ask. think of a heat protectant spray as a sunscreen for your locks. it works by forming a protective barrier over the cuticle of the hair strand, helping block damaging levels of heat. without it, hot tools can cause damage to all layers of your strands, weakening hair strength and elasticity, leading to brittle strands.

tip: another way to minimise heat damage is by using a lower temperature on your hot tools (hair dryer, straightener, curler, etc). find the lowest temperature that works for your hair type and still allows you to create the style you’re after.

best heat protectant sprays for every hair type

ready to start shielding your hair from heat-induced damage? great. let’s get to the product recommendations then, shall we?

best straight-up heat protectant

icon welder heat protection spray

meet icon welder: a heat protection spray to protect hair against heat and uv damage, while providing style control with a touchable finish. this weightless spray protects your strands up to 220°c. that’s hot.


best heat protectant with added hair benefits

day of grace pre-style primer

suitable for all hair types (but especially fine fair) this lightweight do-it-all spray helps improve hair condition by adding softness and shine while detangling and reducing frizz. it protects against heat up to 220°c… hot tools don’t stand a chance.


best heat protectant for blondes

evo fabuloso platinum blonde toning mist

if you have blonde hair, this is the only heat protectant you need. not only does this lightweight mist protect your strands from hot tools and uv rays, it also lightly tones, helping keep brassiness at bay.

2000 x 2000px Fabuloso Toning Mist 140ml.jpg

the takeaway

we’ve given you the knowledge, now it’s time to put it into practice. remember: if you’re using hot tools, you need to use a heat protectant too… always.


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