how to nail our curly girl method

if you have a head of unruly curls or coily locks, you'll know wrangling them is not so different from handling a toddler chucking a tantrum in a toy store. they can be cranky, unpredictable and need the right product to be in a good mood. sound familiar? let us introduce you to evo's take on the curly girl method. created to help you embrace your natural texture, the routine aims to keep your hair in check while giving your strands a solid dose of hydration.

what is the curly girl method?

Made famous on tiktok, the original curly girl method is a hair care routine designed to help your curls live their best life. it's essentially a set of steps to add hydration into the hair using a co-wash, conditioner and treatments. 

at evo, our curl products are chock-full of the good stuff and designed for wavy, curly or coily locks. so we’ve created our very own version of the curly girl method using the evo range.

rather than stripping your hair of its natural goodness, we’re going to focus on hydration, moisture, and curl-friendly practices. the result? reduced frizz, killer curl definition, and hair that’s easier to manage.

how to do evo's take on the curly girl method

for anyone who’s battled frizz, dryness, and limp curls, evo's version of the curly girl method is a total game-changer. by embracing healthier hair practices, you’ll see your curls transform - think shinier, bouncier, and all-around happier hair. here’s how.

step 1: cleanse

first up, cleansing. ditch those harsh shampoos and reach for  heads will roll co-wash. it’s perfect for gently removing buildup without stripping your hair’s natural oils. co-washing (washing your hair with conditioner) keeps your curls hydrated and happy.

curls feeling extra dirty? time to call in the big guns. wash ‘em with springsclean deep clean rinse for a deep, satisfying clean.

step 2: condition

next up, conditioning. baby got bounce curl treatment is your new best friend. it restores moisture, supports curl pattern definition, and leaves your hair feeling silky smooth. your curls will thank you.

baby got bounce is an in-shower treatment that you spray on and rinse out. cleanse hair first and then squeeze out excess water without agitating curls. comb through strands with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb. leave on for three to five minutes then rise.

step 3: dry

wondering how to dry curly hair without creating frizz? swap out your regular towel for a microfibre towel or a soft t-shirt. scrunch your hair gently to minimise frizz and keep your curls intact.

step 4: style

styling is where the fun begins. for added definition and hold, apply liquid rollers curl balm before drying. it’s like a magic potion for your strands. you can also take your curls to the next level with total recoil curl definer to strongly hold, define and shape curls. 

tips for taking care of curly hair

between washes, tame frizz and keep your strands looking fresh by using lockdown smoothing treatment. it smooths the hair cuticle and amps up your curl definition.

another pro tip: avoid touching your hair too much. it can cause frizz and mess with your curl pattern. and when it’s time for bed, sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase to reduce friction and protect your curls overnight. (1).jpg

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when it comes to how to care for curly hair, the curly girl method is your best bet. paired with evo’s curl range, designed to promote moisture, enhance curl definition, and keep frizz at bay, you’ll have curls that are well-defined and well-behaved.

curls, curls, curls

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