how to blow-dry hair properly

you know the feeling when you’ve spent every last morsel of energy washing your hair, only to realise that achieving your desired hairstyle will probably require even more time and effort with the hair dryer? us too. but how do you finesse the art of a blow-dry? and how do you do it like your hairdresser that gets it perfect every time?

whether you’re a total beginner after a salon-quality blowout, or just want to know how to dry your locks without damage, keep reading to find out how you can save time in the morning and money from fewer trips to the salon.

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how to blow-dry hair

what you’ll need:

the steps:

  • after washing, gently towel-dry hair to remove excess moisture (it’s best to avoid rubbing your hair vigorously, as this can cause frizz and damage), you can do this by wrapping it up in a microfibre towel or t-shirt
  • using a wide-tooth comb, detangle your hair starting from the ends and working your way up to the roots until there are no tangles left
  • apply a heat protection spray, like icon welder, mister fantastic or day of grace
  • divide your hair into sections using clips or hair ties to secure each portion away… this makes the blow-drying process more manageable and ensures all sections are dried
  • using the low or medium heat setting, hold your hair dryer about 6-8 inches from your hair. aim the airflow downward and move the dryer continuously along each section to avoid concentrating heat in one spot
  • once the hair is partially dry, incorporate a radial brush into the process
    • to achieve straight hair, hold the brush level with the hair and brush downward while directing the airflow from the hair dryer over the hair. move the brush and dryer together along each section, working from roots to ends
    • for added volume and shape, lift a section of hair with the brush from underneath and roll it inward towards the scalp while blow-drying. apply heat to the rolled section for a few sections before releasing it. repeat this technique throughout your hair to create curls or waves
  • once you have dried all sections, use the cool setting to set the style, reduce frizz and add shine. add the finishing touch by applying love perpetua shine drops to your mid-lengths and ends… and voilà!


remember that practice makes perfect… in a few washes time you’ll be well on your way to mastering the art of blow-drying.

is blow-drying bad for hair

you might be thinking, is blow-drying bad for hair? while blow-drying involves applying heat to the hair, if done properly, it shouldn’t cause a lot of damage. when it comes to reducing damage from blow-drying hair, these are some general tips you can follow:

1. invest in a good quality hair dryer

a good quality hair dryer can do wonders for your blowout. not only will it distribute heat more evenly, it is also more likely to have multiple heat settings that you can change up depending on your hair type or desired style. opting for an ionic or ceramic hair dryer will give you gentler and more efficient drying, while sealing the cuticle for a shinier result.

2. pick the right brushes

this one is another no-brainer. investing in the right brush also plays an integral role in avoiding damage when blow-drying. for example, a wide-tooth comb will help reduce static and detangle before you’re ready to blow-dry, and a good radial brush like hank will help you achieve volume.

3. minimise time spent blow-drying

rather than going straight in with the hair dryer when your hair is soaking wet, try and remove as much moisture as possible by allowing your hair to partially dry by wrapping it in a microfibre towel or t-shirt. the drier your hair, the less heat you’ll have to expose it to with the hair dryer.

4. always use heat protectant

and we mean it… a heat protectant will be your best friend when it comes to preventing damage from blow-drying. it acts as a shield between your hair and heat to reduce heat damage.

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