Packaging Sustainability

packaging + printed materials

from the shape of our packaging to the materials we use, we’re committed to reducing our footprint and meeting the crème de la crème of environmental standards at the same time.


we currently use green pe and are transitioning to pcr (post consumer recycled) plastic so that we’re producing less virgin plastic. and, because our packaging is mostly square, we’re able to fit more bottles into shipping boxes which means less wastage.


brand-book_icons6.pngfriends of the forest

our brushes are made from forest stewardship council® certified hardwood (fsc-c120918), and we use fsc® certified paper for our printed materials.


shop our fsc® certified brushes

bruce 22 natural bristle radial brush


bradford pin bristle dressing brush


bruce 28 natural bristle radial brush


conrad natural bristle dressing brush


spike 14mm nylon pin bristle radial brush


bruce 38 natural bristle radial brush


hank 35 ceramic vented radial brush


pete ionic paddle brush


spike 28mm nylon pin bristle radial brush


hank 43 ceramic vented radial brush


roy detangling comb


hank 52 ceramic vented radial brush


spike 22mm nylon pin bristle radial brush


spike 38mm nylon pin bristle radial brush


tyler natural bristle teasing brush


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